Laboratory of Molecular Materials

The Laboratory of Molecular Materials is a unit at the Division of Molecular Physics at Linköping University. We  are a multidisciplinary team with a passion for science. Our research is focused on design and development of molecules, soft materials and hybrid nanoscale components and devices for a wide range of biomedical applications, including diagnostics, biosensors, drug delivery and regenerative medicine. Read more about our research here

Latest News

  • New paper on Self-Assembly of Mechanoplasmonic Bacterial Cellulose–Metal Nanoparticle Composites

    Our recent paper on the functionalization of bacterial cellulose (BC) with metal nanoparticles is published in Advanced Functional Materials: Read the paper here! This work describes a generic strategy for adsorbing well-defined colloidal metal nanoparticles in BC, which render exciting and useful nanocomposite materials. We investigate, among others, a new …
  • New paper on hydrogels for 4D bioprinting published in Biofabrication

    The paper describes a novel and unique hydrogel system that combines robust bioorthogonal cross-linking with a dynamic but specific peptide-folding mediated strategy for tuning cross-linking density and functionality. We show, for the first time, that the properties of bioprinted structures can be tailored post printing through specific interactions. This was, …
  • M2lab receives framework grant from SSF

    M2lab has together with several close collaborators received a framework grant from The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) for the project “HEALiX: Advanced Wound Care Materials for Non-Healing Wounds”. The projects will be led together with with Prof. Torbjörn Bengtsson (ÖrU), Dr. Johan Junker (LiU/KMC RÖ), and Kristiina Oksaman …