LiU-NTU workshop

LiU-NTU Workshop


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Monday 12 June

Lecture hall Planck, the Physics Building, Entrance 57, Campus Valla

09:0009:20Introductory talk: Prof. Bo Liedberg
09:2009:40Assoc. Prof. Feng Gao "The open-circuit losses in organic solar cells"
09:4010:00Assoc. Prof. Tze Chien Sum: "The Novel Photophysics of Halide Perovskites"
10:0010:20Prof. Kenneth Järrendahl: "Current and Future Studies of the Bouligand Structure"
10:2010:40Coffee Break
10:4011:00Assoc. Prof. Ali Miserez: "Molecular Biomimetics: From Biology to Technology"
11:0011.20Prof. Jen Birch: "Structural and Optical Properties of Group-III Nitride Nanorods Grown by Reactive Magnetron Sputter Epitaxy"
11:2011:40Prof. Per Persson: "Advanced electron microscopy of MXenes - a new family of 2D materials"
11:4012.00Asst. Prof. Martial Duchamp: "In operando a TEM observations of solar cells and resistive switching memory devices"
12:0013:00Lunch Break (Zenit, IFM)
13:0013:30Prof. Swee Hin Teoh: "Beyond bone grafting - the hope of tissue engineering"
13:3013:50Assoc. Prof. Daniel Simon: "Panbio-electronics"
13:5014:10Asst. Prof. Terry Steele: "Stimuli Sensitive Biomaterials and Biosensors"
14:1014:30Prof. Edwin Jager: "Electroactive polymers for bioelectronics and soft micro robotics"
14:3014:50Assoc. Prof. Thomas Ederth: "Interfacial chemistry of marine bioadhesion"
14:5015:10Asst. Prof. Dang Thuy Tram: "Controlled delivery of anti-inflammatory drugs for modulation of host response to implantable biomaterials and cell-based systems"
15:1015:40Coffee Break
15:4016:00Assoc. Prof. Daniel Aili: "Tunable and bioresponsive soft nanomaterials"
16:0016:20Asst. Prof. Song Juha: (Tentative Title) "Biomimetic hierarchical and heterogeneous nano- and microstructured materials"
16:2016:40Assoc. Prof. Magnus Jonsson: "Gaining from losses with hybrid plasmonics"
16:4017:00Assoc. Prof. Suzhou Li: "Plasmonic Properties of Coupled Gold Nanostructures"
17:0017:20Prof. Kajsa Uvdal: "Multimodal nanomaterials combining luminescent magnetic and antioxidant properties"
17:2017:30Concluding Remarks

Tuesday 13 June

9:00 - 12:00    Discussions in groups