Christopher Aronsson to give a talk at Multiscale Mechanochemistry & Mechanobiology conference

Dr Christopher Aronsson, postdoc in the research group, has been accepted to give a oral presentation at the Multiscale Mechanochemistry & Mechanobiology - From Molecular Mechanisms to Smart Materials conference that will be held in Berlin October 16th-18th. The title of the presentation is " Tailoring the rheological properties of supramolecular hydrogels for 3D cell culture by coiled coil polypeptide heterodimerization".

Excerpt from the conference website: "Mechanoresponsive materials are a topic of intense research across numerous disciplines. In biology, research on biogenic materials has revealed crucial links between specific protein building blocks and dynamic mechanical behaviors, while studies of biological tissues have identified sophisticated mechanotranduction mechanisms in cells for sensing their environment. Along similar lines, chemists and materials scientists are developing high-performance materials that exhibit specific programmed responses to mechanical stimuli (e.g. self-reporting and self-healing). Common to these diverse lines of research is a primary drive to understand dynamic responses of complex molecules to mechanical stimuli.

Motivated by this shared goal, this multidisciplinary conference will unite scientists from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science, spanning multiple length scales and bridging gaps between experiment and simulation." –