2 new papers accepted in Scientific Reports & Pathogens and Disease

Two new papers, one about hydrogels and one about antimicrobial peptides, have been accepted for publication! Links will be provided to each paper as soon they are availiable for download.

1) R. Selegård, C. Aronsson, C. Brommesson, S. Dånmark, D. Aili, "Folding driven self-assembly of a stimuli-responsive peptide-hyaluronan hybrid hydrogel", Sci. Rep., 2017, Accepted.

2) T. Bengtsson, B. Zhang, R. Selegård, E. Wiman, D. Aili, H. Khalaf, "Dual Action of Bacteriocin PLNC8 αβ Through Inhibition of Porphyromonas Gingivalis Infection and Promotion of Cell Proliferation", Pathog. Dis., 2017, ftx064, Accepted article.