Michael Jury

Michael Jury

PhD student

Michael has been at Linköping University since 2014 having studied an MSc in Experimental and Medical Biosciences and then working as a researcher. He is currently a doctoral student at IFM (LiU) under the supervision of Associate Professor Daniel Aili.

Research interest

My research covers peptide chemistry and polymer synthesis to produce hydrogels with dynamic properties for applications in biological cell culturing. This is achieved through controlled conjugation of peptide cell adhesion motifs to tunable polymer biomaterials. Currently, we are using this as a scaffold for culturing a neuroblastoma cell line.

Expertise in

  • Cell signalling
  • Culture studies
  • Regenerative medicine


MSc in Experimental and Medical Bioscience

Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden


Selected publications

Master Thesis

Development of molecular tools for investigating the role of Thymine-DNA glycosylase in T-cell differentiation.

Full publication list