New paper on hydrogels for 4D bioprinting published in Biofabrication

The paper describes a novel and unique hydrogel system that combines robust bioorthogonal cross-linking with a dynamic but specific peptide-folding mediated strategy for tuning cross-linking density and functionality. We show, for the first time, that the properties of bioprinted structures can be tailored post printing through specific interactions. This was, among others, shown by triggering an enzyme mediated biomineralization process in 3D printed structures.

The paper can be found here:

C. Aronsson,  M. Jury,  S. Naeimipour, F. Rasti Boroojeni, J. Christoffersson, P. Lifwergren, C.-F. Mandenius, R. Selegård, D. Aili, “Dynamic peptide-folding mediated biofunctionalization and modulation of hydrogels for 4D bioprinting”, 2020, Biofabrication, Accepted. (PDF)